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Find Inspiration to Keep Writing


In this one day, 3-hour generative workshop we will tap into the obsessions that will fuel our writing. We will unlock the potential of “the fodder journal,” a multimedia approach to the writer’s notebook that will keep your ears and eyes open to the muse around you. We will also read and learn journaling strategies from the writing notebook's of great writers. Then through several writing exercises, you’ll dig into your unique subject matter, and gather the raw material to feed your poems, stories, essays, and other creative works. 


Black Documentary Poetics

In this 3-hour interactive workshop, each participant will begin with a document of their choice, such as a newspaper article, diary page, immigration card, stranger’s scribbled note, historical record, letter, grocery list, marginalia, or whatever they want. Then, learning from innovative black writers like M. NourbeSe Philip, Kamau Brathwaite, Tyehimba Jess, Elizabeth Alexander, A. Van Jordan and others, we will explore various techniques to question, cut, erase, fill-in and remake our chosen documents to forge new dialogues and unveil new meanings. These writing exercises will allow each person to generate several new poems during the workshop. Open to all participants. 

Saturday  |  April 29th  |  12-3pm Eastern  |  $120 ($96 for Members)

All are welcome, space is limited. A limited number of need-based scholarships are available.

Please email with any questions.

Sign up HERE.

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